Firewood 2 You is a firewood delivery company based in Fate, Texas. We specialize in providing high-quality firewood to residents and businesses in the Fate area. Our firewood is sourced from sustainably managed forests and is seasoned to perfection to ensure that it burns hot and clean.


We offer a variety of firewood options to suit all needs, including oak, mesquite, and pecan. Our oak firewood is perfect for long-burning fires and provides a steady, consistent heat. Mesquite is a popular choice for BBQ enthusiasts, as it imparts a unique, smoky flavor to food. Pecan firewood is another popular choice, known for its sweet and nutty aroma, making it perfect for indoor fires.

We understand that firewood is not just a commodity but also a source of warmth and comfort for many people. That's why we take great care in delivering our firewood in a timely and efficient manner. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you're looking for high-quality firewood in Fate, Texas, look no further than Firewood 2 You. We'll have you warm and cozy in no time!

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Delivering firewood is our way of giving back to the community.

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Burning fires are not only our passion, but also essential when it comes to gathering with loved ones, fighting off the cold weather and cooking your favorite food. Our unmatched Firewood, unparalleled delivery service provide you with an unequaled fire experience.